/Where Is Regent University Law School

Where Is Regent University Law School

Regent University School of Law is committed to supporting students through institutional scholarships. The amount of the scholarship is determined per student, taking into account the student`s academic profile, background, professional experience and financial resources. Students must be accepted into the Faculty of Law before making a scholarship decision. Students will be notified of a scholarship decision by email within two weeks of their acceptance. The median tuition reduction received by those who receive educational reductions. If 60% of the school`s enrollment receives a $5,000 discount, 30% of the school receives a discount of at least $5,000. In this scenario, 30% also received between $0 and $5,000 and 40% received no discount. This discount is valid per year, although discounts are not always guaranteed to be renewed every year. Regent Law seeks to enroll men and women who demonstrate academic promise, strong motivation, and commitment to the school`s mission as a Christ-centered institution.

The Admissions Committee recognizes that this objective is not limited to registering the most qualified individuals. This means enabling men and women to take seriously the crucial roles they will play as defenders, counselors, reconcilers, and followers of Christ. Committee members evaluate each candidate`s academic performance at the college level, LSAT results, professional achievements, skills relevant to legal practice, writing skills demonstrated in the personal statement, and at least one letter of recommendation from the faculty. If you haven`t been to school in more than five years, your letter of recommendation can be professional, personal, or spiritual. Admission decisions are made on an ongoing basis, usually within two to three weeks of receipt of the application. The LLM in Human Rights on Campus is designed for lawyers who wish to have advanced legal training in relation to international, regional and national protection and the promotion of human rights from a biblical perspective. The program exists in partnership with the Regent`s Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law. Through the Center for Global Justice, the law school equips lawyers to seek justice and provide hope and legal protection to the oppressed and vulnerable, while advocating for the promotion of human rights and the rule of law in our community and around the world.

Students usually complete their studies in one academic year (two semesters). Please see Regent Law Event options. The admissions office encourages prospective students. To register for campus visit programs or arrange a visit to law school, please email lawschool@regent.edu or call 757.352.4584. From clinical opportunities and internships to study abroad programs and academic centers, Regent law students benefit from hands-on legal work while pursuing their law education. Not only does the school have a competency-based curriculum, but it also offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom. Regent Law is committed to helping students excel in law school and beyond. Regent Law`s Student Success Program (ASP) is instrumental in achieving this goal and has helped students surpass their incoming LSAT scores with their Barpass scores. Led by a senior faculty member from the Faculty of Law, the ASP has three components: Regent Law`s specialization program provides an exclusive academic and professional experience for outstanding students and those who have worked near the top of their first law school. Participants participate in select courses with other high-achieving students, enjoy a higher level of classroom engagement, and meet prominent speakers such as Associate Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, and retired U.S.

Admiral Vern Clark. Regent Honors students have secured internships, internships, and jobs at the Supreme Court of Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. United States District Courts; State Courts of Appeal and Magistrates` Courts; various U.S. prosecutors` offices; Body of Advocates-General; the FBI; and a variety of private businesses and organizations across the country. While affirming each student`s faith, the school embraces a biblical worldview and encourages students to view the law as a calling, not just a calling. This worldview provides a platform to develop the highest ethical standards among its students, making Regent a diverse and supportive academic community. Regent University Faculty of Law students display an extremely high level of satisfaction with their educational experience compared to many of their counterparts across the country, with 95% of third-year law students rating their law school experience as good or excellent.