/Worst Law School Classes

Worst Law School Classes

French law studies here, in my second year of law and I totally agree with you. Even here in France, we have what is called „administrative law,” and I hate it very much. I took an exam this morning and probably failed lol. Although the Internet/WWW does not exist as it does today, there are still a number of resources for research. I started going to school because I knew I was going to face a fight – and I was told I shouldn`t have made it past my first term based on my LSAT score. Early on, it became apparent that the school was not sorting its candidates in its admission practice, but in its pedagogical practice. On the first day of orientation, someone said, look left, then look right, at least one of you won`t be here next year. In fact, my two classmates didn`t make it through the year – they were „kicked out” because of poor grades. The second example of really terrible, terrible advice is that you should briefly describe each case you read. I do not know why, but when students come to law school, their own law school will often tell them to briefly describe each individual case. A case letter is almost like a book report.

They summarize every part of the case you read. It is a huge waste of time. Don`t get into the habit of briefing every case you read. You`re welcome. They simply waste a lot of valuable time and work way too much on something that doesn`t translate into high grades. Briefing cases are acceptable at the beginning of the semester or occasionally. But it`s not something you want to do for every case you read. Again, you could read each case, inform each case, and discuss each case in detail with a study group while getting all the C`s in law school.

I went to Temple Law School. Today, I run an agency with more than 60 employees. We are considered the primary legal agency in our state. We are celebrated for our legal work at trial and appellate courts exclusively in the federal domain. Our most famous lawyer went to Cooley. He is the second commander and always ready to take the helm. He is the point of contact for legal advice at the process and appeal level. He receives the second highest income from the agency, just below mine. He just turned 40. Nevertheless, he got his job at the age of 35. One of our worst employees we had to fire was a Harvard graduate.

Go to the best law school possible, but don`t worry if you don`t get into an Ivy League. I don`t know anything about Cooley. But I know our best lawyer has been there. It`s stupid to think that law school will make you great. This will only help you get your first job. I am celebrated for the work of our office. I hire fantastic people. I don`t care where you went to school. I care about who you are and your potential. This nagging discussion about the best and worst schools is stupid.

This shows how narrow-minded and blind the author is. If an employer is equally blind and ignorant, don`t work for them. Hi Tricia, I`m about to start my first summer semester at Cooley. I was in a similar situation to yours last April. I was accepted into 23 of the 25 schools I applied to. The best of them was Michigan, a top 10 school. Before I started law school, I was lucky enough to work in a large law firm and a prosecutor`s office, and both told me similar things. If you don`t plan to work for a company of 500+ people, school doesn`t matter in the end. Cooley`s stats may be low, but that`s because of the number of people who give up or barely hang on to the bar. The courses are very similar, if not more challenging, than other law schools.

If you`re willing to get the job done, it`s a very similar effort to pass the BAR the first time, even from a school with such poor statistics. I talked to some of my fellow lawyers about some of the worst advice they received before going to law school. And I realized there was a lot of bad advice. So I want to make sure you don`t suffer from the same advice as some of my friends. I want to talk about some of the worst advice out there and why you should ignore it. I am very, very grateful that Thomas M. Cooley is giving me and other students like me the chance to create a place where we can begin our journey into the legal (or related) professions. Yes, even back then, it was a 4th level school, and I knew that if I succeeded, the fight wouldn`t stop because all employers would hire a high school graduate like me. Another factor to consider is that Cooley just built a brand new campus in Auburn Hills, very close to my home and offering free parking, unlike UD Mercy where parking is an additional 100 people per month. Plus, Cooley offers accelerated JD. I graduated from high school and undergraduate school a year earlier and love having the opportunity to get my law degree earlier. If there`s a chance you can help me, I can email you my story.

Please understand that it is really, really, difficult to make a film. As a dropout of Birmingham School of Law, I need all the help I can get. Josh, you missed some of the things that this incredible litigator mentioned in the most competitive market in the United States. Let`s see: one of his employees is now a public defender – that`s an amazing job for a Cooley graduate, as most could only dream of a public service job paying $46,000 (when he owes $250,000).