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What Is Another Word for Partnership

Even Toby claimed a partnership to bring about their demise. The nuclear power plant is the epitome of a strategic partnership. A partner has the right to use all or part of the partnership`s funds. Going forward, Texas will continue to implement strong border security efforts, and this partnership will help us do everything we can to stem the flow of illegal immigration. We have formed a partnership with a capital of sixty thousand dollars. After his call to the bar, Mr. Chipman accepted him into a partnership. partnerships, association, partnership, alliance, collaboration, partnership, asociación, alianza, cooperation, partners, partners, partners, collaborative, associations, partners, concert, alliances, conjunction, CPF This partnership lasted until the end of Mr. Hilliard`s life.

This partnership was soon concluded by the death of the former member. The Alliance, in its most common use, is a link formed by treaties between sovereign states as for mutual assistance in time of war. Partnership is a mercantile word; Mainly political or conjugal alliance. The coalition is most often used by political parties; Fusion is now the most common word in this sense. In an alliance between nations, there is no surrender of sovereignty and no union, except for a specific time and purpose. League and alliance are used with a barely noticeable difference in meaning. In a confederation or confederation, an attempt is made to unite individual states in a general government without renouncing sovereignty. The Union involves so many concessions that individual states essentially become one. Federation is primarily a poetic and rhetorical word expressing something of the same idea as in Tennyson`s Federation of the World, Locksley Hall, l. 128. The United States is neither a confederation nor an alliance; The nation could be called a federation, but prefers to be called a federal union. It marks an important and historic moment that celebrates the strong bond between our two nations, India and the UK share the same values and we are a partnership on an equal footing.

This enduring friendship is just one of Gandhi`s many legacies. „Effective language learning is a partnership between school, teacher and student”; „Action teams worked in partnership with government” Britannica.com: Encyclopedia article on partnership These are ripe times for speculation, but there has been no tie-up with Amazon`s Waitrose partnership, and I wouldn`t expect it to exist either. What about the thirty thousand dollars you got for this partnership scam? Soon after, he formed a partnership with his teacher. His brother was director of vaudeville in partnership with Raymond Deslandes. In the long term, we need a strong and mature partnership with Saudi Arabia, it is in our interest to ensure that the relationship is strong. She had taken Anna into the business, but the burden of partnership had always been on Harriet. members of a society established by contract Synonyms:Chess Bay, Squaw vine, Winter clover (Mitchella repens) A contract between two or more people who agree to pool their talents and money and share profits or losses A cooperative relationship between individuals or groups who agree to share responsibility for achieving a specific goal Preposition: alliance with a neighbouring people; against the common enemy; for attack and defence; Alliance of, between or between nations. Synonyms:Alliance, Coalition, Pact, Confederation, Confederation, Merger, League, Union Synonyms:Union, Connection, Company, Company, Common Interest, Cooperation, Society, House Synonyms:Union, Connection, Interest, Participation.