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Mumbai Consumer Court Address

After determining your competent court for your complaint, you will find the address of the competent consumer court at this link According to the Consumer Code, a person is considered a consumer if he buys a good or service for his use and not for a company. This means that if you are not satisfied with a service or the quality of a product you have purchased or agreed to purchase, you can file a complaint with a consumer court within two years of the complaint. As a customer, you have the right to be compensated for any inconvenience or damage by using an inferior good or service. The consumer`s complaint must be filed in the district where the other party has an office or in the district where the cause of action arose. The consumer`s complaint must be submitted to the competent consumer court, depending on the total value of the consideration paid for the product and service. Legal costs also depend on the amount of consideration paid. The consumer`s complaint must be submitted based on the total value of the amount claimed and the location of the opposing party. The Supreme Court has addressed this issue in a number of cases, giving applicants the freedom to choose where they wish to obtain legal protection. It also ruled that, despite the fact that the ERER offers a similar remedy, consumers cannot be prevented from filing a complaint with a consumer court in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code. One-time registration is required for new consumers. These forums were created to provide fair justice to customers who have been exploited or scammed by companies or vendors. The Indian Consumer Court has a classification system for the cases heard there. This classification system provides three levels of categorization for consumer consultations.

However, regardless of the classification of a case, the entire system of consumer courts hears all consumer questions and complaints: if the consumer has a problem with his real estate company or agent, he can file a complaint with the consumer court. Although a separate RERA court has been set up to deal with real estate matters, consumers can still apply to the consumer court if they wish. You may encounter cases related to ownership delays, hidden fees, false obligations, unresponsive builder, refund issues, etc. Send. We prepare documents and send you documents to fill the consumer forum Do you feel like you are overcharged the electricity bill? Have you received your utility bill, but it`s just amazing because the amount is more than you normally paid? Then it`s a good time to fight for your rights and take action. You can take legal action in the consumer court against the company responsible for creating the invoices. The true situation of Indian customers could be described as absolutely desperate, despite the country`s strong and transparent legislation to protect consumer rights. The Consumer Protection Act of 1986 is the most important of the various laws enacted in India to protect consumer rights.

This legislation allows every individual, including a business, an undivided Hindu family and a business, to freely exercise their right as a consumer to purchase goods and services. As a consumer, it is crucial to be informed about your fundamental rights and the legal avenues and procedures available in case of violation of these rights. Based on his background, it is more likely that ERRA hearings will be faster. As can be seen, the RERA law distributes all claims better with a financial threshold than the consumer courts. When comparing the ability to detect a violation or violation of a legal requirement or agreement between the parties, RERA is preferable because: It has the power to respond to complaints it receives on the subject or to take note suo moto. Compared to consumer courts, where the procedure is much more difficult and time-consuming, the procedure for lodging the complaint is less cumbersome and shorter. Whether a home buyer would be entitled to compensation as a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act or RERA regulations is generally controversial. National Dispute Resolution Commission: These courts operate throughout the country. They handle situations with a claim of over Rs 1 crore. It is advisable to follow a simpler procedure, as the remedy and compensation for the same complaint are more or less equivalent in both instances.

Although the two jurisdictions have a more or less similar history, the consumer court is preferred when it comes to assessing the extent to which disputes are resolved during the litigation. Consumer court case statistics are slightly better than RERA`s. If you haven`t received a solution from Amazon or they haven`t given a successful response, you can turn to the consumer court for justice. Do you think that the product delivered to you is not of the same quality? Is it the wrong product? If you want it returned, you can contact Amazon first, and if they don`t, legal action against them can be filed in consumer court. RERA is more appropriate or has the advantage with regard to the issue of applicability because, unlike consumer courts which have jurisdiction over a wide range of matters, it has its own court specifically designed to settle real estate disputes. Although all matters within the jurisdiction of Indian consumer law must be heard by the Consumer Court, the following cases are among the most frequently heard: 1. Adulteration of ingredients, e.g. suppliers and manufacturers of edible oil, who are accused of adding ingredients to the oil without informing the public. This is considered a fraudulent act as it could lead to the consumption of ingredients without the consumer`s knowledge. 2.

Accumulate food stocks or create food shortages. The Indian Consumer Court frequently hears about food shortages and hoarding because the monopoly of a single supplier in the commercial sector allows for unwarranted and unrestricted regulation of market activity and trade. 3. The Indian Consumer Court often deals with issues of consumer market use in relation to product management and warranty, as well as the audit of black market suppliers. The definition of a consumer right under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is „the right to know a quality or its many elements such as quality, quantity, strength, purity, price and standard.” The right to know „the quality, affordability, quantity, purity, price and level of goods or services” is defined as a consumer right. But even if this is the case, consumers must be protected from inappropriate behaviour. Consumers need to know their rights. With the help of skilled consumer protection lawyers in India, you can sue an online retailer in a consumer court. You can file a complaint against the ecommerce store if you cannot resolve issues such as product missing in order, damaged/defective/counterfeit/inferior product, refused refund/return, unresponsive customer support, non-existent or incorrect delivery of the product, etc. In order to protect the interests of consumers, the Government of India has established the Consumer Courts under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 just replaced the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, which has been in place for three decades. Consumer courts are quasi-judicial organizations where ordinary people can seek justice against their perpetrators. Consumer complaints, disagreements and disputes bodies were established as a result of the Act. In the District Consumer Commission, if the equivalent is up to Rs 1 crore, consumers who have struggled to get the amount due or delay the settlement of insurance claims can turn to the Consumer Court for redress. You can also file cases in cases such as false promises made by insurance agents, unsatisfactory settlement of claims, negligence, and poor customer service by insurance companies or agents. If you have problems in your car or two-wheeler and can`t fix them, you can go to the consumer court to take legal action against the car company or car dealer. You may complain about a faulty vehicle, inadequate quality checks before delivery, faulty operation, engine oil leak, mileage problems, starting problems, incorrect braking, registration problems, etc. Mumbai Suburban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and Addl. Mumbai Suburban District You can take legal action in the Consumer Court against the hospital or doctor if you have suffered from poor service, incompetent nursing staff, incorrect diagnosis, wrong medication, intentional looting of customers, improper treatment, medical negligence, unjustified bills, etc. We prepare professional legal opinions and send them to the company by registered mail Describe what happened, how you suffered, add companies, evidence and your personal data District Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission: These organizations operate at the district level and handle disputes with compensation claims of up to 20 rupees lakh.