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Phone: +971 4 422 1345 E-mail: support@merritt.ae Website: merritt.ae We keep abreast of the latest developments in our areas of law. The Merritt Law team focuses on providing fractional business, real estate and general counsel services upon request to clients who want more than lawyers, but trusted advisors. Merritt Law focuses on integrity and honor not only for the legal profession, but also for your business and legal goals. The Merritt Law team is united by its focus on delivering results for your business through excellent service and industry-leading knowledge, making it a law firm, not only for your unique current legal needs, but also for the long term. In this interview, Johnny explains how lawyers can once again be seen as trusted advisors for businesses. Regardless of their size or industry, every business needs to be prepared for legal issues at some point. Quality representation is essential in these situations, and that`s what Merritt Law, PA is for. Our Sarasota, Florida law firm is ready to provide the representation needed to keep your business on the right side of justice. As the complexity of regulatory, contractual, and operational issues increases for organizations today, so does the cost of retaining an in-house general counsel.

Businesses should not have to choose between getting strong legal support at unexpected costs or settling for less experience, effort or communication. Johnny provides fractional general counsel in Austin and throughout the Texas area to help businesses not only get superior legal advice when needed, at no significant cost, but also build relationships with clients to serve their interests and promote their success. Phone: +1 407-392-2201 Email: info@merritt-accounting.com Website: merritt-accounting.com/ for assistance in applying for a residence visa for partners and employees and their families. Phone: +1 407-392-2201 Email: support@orlandoworkspaces.com Website: orlandoworkspaces.com/ Since 2009, we have been a leading company in the UAE! Our „Outsourcing” department offers accounting, invoicing, recruitment, business management, etc. Our team is composed of specialists in legal, accounting and administrative management of companies. Our law firm is equipped for a large number of files. From software to security, we offer advice on all things digital. Contact us to get a better chance of a favorable outcome for your business case. We can work with any business or individual in Sarasota, Florida or nearby communities. Preparation and revision of all labour law documents and procedures. Our law firm advises and assists you in all the steps related to your company in the Emirates: creation of a company, license renewal, opening a bank account, etc.

I am what you call the „old school.” I like to read the news the old-fashioned way: on a newspaper that needs two hands to hold it, with different parts coming from my . Read more Merritt Legal Consultants FZ-LLC Office No. 809A – Amenity Center Tower 2 Al Jazeera Al Hamra – P. O. BOX 86405 Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirates This website is the portal to Merritt Group`s activities in the UAE. Kiera Slater, Director of Operations – Johnny Merritt, Lawyer – Zoe Fedde, Counsel, Drafting and Registration of Wills in Dubai. Our human-sized team offers a personalized service to meet your needs. Protect your assets in case something happens to you. Phone: +852 3678 6743 Email: support@company-hongkong.com Website: company-hongkong.com/ Listen to the needs of our clients and work alongside them, with a high level of professionalism, to ensure effective and responsive support in the expansion of business opportunities. Analysis and advice on the use of double taxation agreements. Our team will advise you on everything in the business world. Phone: +971 4 422 6030 E-mail: support@setup-dubai-company.com Website: setup-dubai-company.com/.

Start your project with a consultation to make sure everything is going well. Accounting and preparation of annual accounts. Coordination with an auditor. Your first meeting about wills and trusts is free. for the newsletter and get an exclusive resource to help you determine if Fractional General Counsel is right for you. Comply with insurance laws by contacting us. In our firm, we believe that clients should have confidence in the firms they hire to represent them. For this reason, we offer a free office consultation to find out the details of wills and trusts.

You can ask our lawyer our questions and your goals, and he will give you an idea of the options available. We can help you get residency visas (for partners, employees, families), Emirates ID cards (EmiratesID), driver`s licenses, opening a personal bank account, etc. We are well qualified to advise you on both economics and law. Merritt Middle East DMCC Office No. 1005 Goldcrest Executive Tower – Cluster C Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai Obtaining an ID card and assisting with the exchange of driver`s licenses. Merrit Asia Limited Bureau No. 1102 29 Austin Road Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Hong Kong Merritt USA LLC 8865 Commodity Circle – Suite 12 Orlando, FL 32819 USA Advice and assistance in opening corporate and private bank accounts in Dubai. Take care of cheap real estate purchases or rentals with our help. As a trusted law firm and reference point for French and Italian clients in the United Arab Emirates.